Donn I. Alter

Love for the chess just can’t be ordinary and trivial. There is also something about being fascinated about this game and its culture. Well, yes we are and for that matter, we want to share everything regarding it with the people all around the world. One more beauty that other games usually don’t provide as chess does is the exercise of your brain. And this is not all. By outnumbering studies it actually improves your IQ level. This is also a universal language connecting people all over the world only over the simple checkered board. But this checkered board is not that boring like some other boards, it really improves your creativity side by giving you a chance of creating outnumbering new battle strategies. These are just some of the benefits that motivate us to encourage everyone to play chess, especially in Atlanta Metro Area for the beginning. This site is one of our forms of dedication to help anyone to easily find a place to develop his chess interest to knowledge or just share this unique love with other chess lovers.