Online Chess Game VS In-Person Chess Game

This has really become a huge dilemma today because of enormous digital development. Many people still stay by the fact that it is just not the same thing as it played in person. It is the human touch that makes the significant role which makes all more interesting while playing a chess game. Of course, on the other hand, there are many staying by the modern, digital approach of this game. Honestly, there is no universal solution about this and it is very individual what makes a better solution.

Psychological factor

online-chessSeeing only a little chess board on your screen and empty chat box below while enjoying your pajama brings really different experience comparing it to a huge hall full of other players and your opponent right in front of you. It is all about your goal. If you just want to play some quick game of chess during your free time there is nothing wrong about turning on your computer and have some fun. But if you are interested to reach some higher levels of this game you should dedicate more time of playing it in “real” life.

It is an individual thing

Many people believe online playing is more effective and efficient but the fact is there is no best fit for everybody. Although the influence of technology is significantly growing forcing chess lovers to adapt, some people just don’t feel comfortable with technology and are having a really hard time to adapt to this fast-changing technological environment. Spending their time on figuring out how to download specific needed program or application to make it possible just doesn’t work for them. So it is best to be honest to yourself and choose your way wisely. There is no wrong way while choosing and if there is enough passion, will and ambition both ways will get anybody to their goals in chess.In-person-chess

It is always good idea to try all the options you can in order to decide what is best for you. Combining old school rules and new, modern possibilities was often shown as a really profitable way how in learning also in business.