Why Should Kids Play Chess?

Most of the people find the chess as a game that requires precise planning, patience, and intelligence so they keep their kids away of it. This is really wrong attitude because anybody that plays chess will only benefit from it no matter what age. Here are just some of benefits that will do a lot of good for your kid.

Brain Boost

It is proven by many studies that chess builds up the new dendrites in the brain. These dendrites present important neuro-connections in the brain and if their number increases it leads to great brain capacity and potential. Visual memory is significantly improved by the chess game and with this comes great concentration power and strong memory ability.

Learning and discipline skills

Learning-and-discipline-skillsChess really teaches everybody to plan ahead. You really need to plan things out in order to win this game. This ability can’t come bad in real life too. This game teaches kids discipline in amazing way. As more you study and practice chess more you will win and this is a great strategy and skill that will help anybody achieve the goals in real life. All the cognitive processes like thinking, decoding, comprehension and analysis must be used while creating best chess strategy.

Critical thinking

It is often much easier for parents to do things for their kids instead of letting them do it on their own. This is what really kills skills like methodical or critical thinking. Chess does the opposite, it makes kids think ahead even for several steps before making the move. Let your kids find a solution for themselves. Allow them to learn on their own by introducing them with this great game. Original thinking is born from the giving your mind a chance to play with possibilities. This is exactly what chess does. It encourages everybody to conceptualize all possible moves.

All these brain-inducing benefits come naturally while playing this game so don’t hesitate anymore. Not only you will spend some quality time with your kids but also have fun while your brain keeps exercising.